Russian Art HD App Reviews

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Meticulously detailed treasure trove

Find glorious art you never knew existed.

Very impressive quality

Master piece of russian painting. The pictures are of a very high quality. You can downloadall painting on the device of just download the one you want. Very good application


Gorgeous, it really worths, very beautiful, we can see the pictures in HD, in full screen, and download it in HD. The collection is great, great painters and paintings.

Excellent images

Comprehensive series of Russian paintings with titles

Great for art lovers

What you see is what you get!

Very good

Very useful with great musics, ı discover amazing russian art with this application , thank you very much

Something new!

Thanks for good emotion ride!

All devices from Apple


Great deal for art!

Super collection for the price!


Great app. Awesome art collection in HD .But it crashes ..please fix it. Also whenever im trying to publish in facebook or vkontakte- it crashes or gives me error!!

Great collection

Great selection of paintings, fabulous image quality. Great deal! Ill enjoy this.

Great access.

Wonderful collection to have. Many hours of viewing instead of flying.

Lady of Cali

i love this app . IMPRESSIVE HD, and i have discovered a wonderful artist (Aivazaovsky, I.). Can access art by 3 centuries (XVIII, XIX, and XX). I viewed all of XVIII, just started XIX - am looking forward to discovering more fabulous artists that i am currently unaware of. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Russian art

Truly a enriching experience!

Russian Art 3D

Excellent pictures from numerous artists, several genres and centuries. I wish I had some to frame. They are great for wallpapers plus I have discovered some artists I had not heard of before.

Wonderful app!

It seems each painting is better or more interesting than the last one. They arouse curiosity, like what was happening when this was painted? How did the artist make the sky look so beautiful? The paintings are all so clear and well rendered on the iPad. I enjoy this app very much.

The very best

This is a stunning collection of Russian art, nothing at all of what I expected. It is arranged by subject as approached by painters from various schools of 19th and 20th art.


This is one of the best apps I have as far as quality and presentation. I can look at it again and again. Thanks

Awesome Russian Art collection!

Perfect way to understand Russian art!


Russian artists must be some of the best landscape painters!!

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